about-us DELIVERING TOMORROW’S INNOVATIONS™ Our Company Near Future delivers technology and integrates systems to improve the efficiency of buildings, workspaces, and employees. Reduce operational expenses Improve operational efficiencies Expand workplace capabilities Near-Future-History DELIVERING TOMORROW’S INNOVATIONS™ History Since 2001, Near Future has performed as a Tier 1 MBE systems integrator for America’s largest telecommunications, cable, and audiovisual companies.

With that wealth of experience, we have become a trusted management consulting and systems integration partner.
what-we-do DELIVERING TOMORROW’S INNOVATIONS™ What We Do eConcierge Services eAnalytics Services Management Consulting Systems Integration AdobeStock_374525863-Copy-scaled-1 DELIVERING TOMORROW’S INNOVATIONS™ Is it CapEx or OpEx? Flexible Financing, Lifecycle Asset Management, Lower Cost Leasing eConcierge as a Service (eCaaS) eAnalytics as a Services (eAaaS) Systems Integration as a Service (SIaaS)